Rhinegeist Heritage Mug


The Rookwood Heritage Mug is an iconic symbol of the Rookwood legacy and history. The RP stamp displayed on the front of this piece dates back to 1886, where the stamp originated as just the reverse R and P. From that time on, a flame was added each year up to 1900 when the “RP” with 14 flames became the enduring symbol of the company. The mold for the 1948 Wiedemann Brewery mug was discovered in the archives and adapted to create this cherished Rookwood Heritage piece. This classic mug is perfect for your everyday cup of coffee or even a nice cold beer at the end of the day. The Heritage Mug is the perfect gift for someone who wants to begin or expand upon their Rookwood collection.

The Rhinegeist Heritage Mug is a custom version of the Rookwood piece that features the Rhinegeist skull drop logo on the reverse side of the mug. Cheers!


  • 16 oz